Okla. house now considering $1,000 pay raise for teachers state enidnews.com bitcoin informacje

OKLAHOMA CITY — Education advocates on Tuesday said a legislative proposal awarding teachers a $1,000 raise could ultimately be viewed as a slap in the face and push more educators out of Oklahoma classrooms.

“That is not enough to incentivize future teachers or current teachers,” said Shawn Hime, executive director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, after a House committee pushed a plan forward that would also give classroom support professionals a raise.

Lawmakers said they’ll fund the plan by increasing the taxes that oil and gas producers pay on so-called “legacy wells.” A related measure that also advanced Tuesday would increase that tax incentive rate from 4 to 7 percent and generate at least $100 million in new revenue to help fund the pay boost.

“I hope they don’t consider it a slap in the face,” said state Rep what is bitcoin and how does it work. Dennis Casey, R-Morrison, during a committee hearing Tuesday how to mine bitcoins for free. He said $1,000 wasn’t acceptable, but lawmakers had to start somewhere.

“I think teachers may see it (as slap in the face), especially when there was $3,000 on the table just a few days ago bitcoin pdf. It’s not moving in the right direction for us,” said Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association.

It’s been more than a decade since Oklahoma lawmakers boosted teacher compensation, which experts say is now well below the regional average earn bitcoin android. Many teachers are leaving the profession or taking jobs in other states bitcoin where to buy. Districts, meanwhile, say they’re struggling to find qualified educators.

Education advocates noted Tuesday’s proposal was a far cry from the $3,000 raise that lawmakers from the House and Senate were batting around as recently as Friday how to buy bitcoins with paypal. That proposal, which was part of a larger revenue package that would have raised taxes on beer, cigarettes, gasoline and oil and gas producers, failed to garner enough support to survive.

“I would concur with Rep bitcoin transfer fee. Casey if it’s only a $1,000 pay raise and doesn’t have subsequent pay raises on the books,” Hime said. “I’m not supportive of a plan that doesn’t involve a long-term funding plan … and also doesn’t bring us in the direction of a long-term competitive teacher pay plan current bitcoin value usd. And it fails on both those counts.”

Priest said lawmakers are banking on a temporary source of income to fund the raises — an uncertain strategy for school districts that may end up footing the bill in a few years bitcoin wallet hardware. The longer a well is in operation the more production drops, meaning less revenue for state coffers, she said.

“Teachers are leaving the state for real pay increases,” she said. “It’s not a significant pay raise that will convince a teacher to stay in Oklahoma. I think that it’s been so long since the state has given a pay raise, $1,000 does not even get us up to a cost of living adjustment from all the raises that we haven’t gotten.”

House Majority Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, said the $1,000 raise starting in August is all the state can pay for right now value of bitcoin in dollars. The Legislature’s biggest revenue plan can’t get enough bipartisan support to advance, and lawmakers need to pass a pay plan they can afford.