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The universe of music-sharing blogs just keeps expanding how to get started bitcoin mining. My latest obsession is Lola Vandaag, which began posting in October 2011 get free bitcoins every minute. Describing itself as ongeregelde verzameling geluid ("unregulated collection of sound"), this wonderful blog leaves no continent unappreciated.

Some of the delights you’ll encounter: Enchanting radio broadcasts from the world over, street organ sounds, international religious oddities, smoldering dance bands, cantorial superstars, rantings of shamans and mushroom enthusiasts, sizzling accordionists, music that will make you cry–and that’s just hoeing the topsoil ebay accept bitcoin. Dig in and get your ears dirty.

"The society in question is that of the ‘Are’are, whose 8,000 members live in the southern part of Malaita….The ‘Are’are call instrumental music ‘au ("bamboo"), for, with the exception of the slit drum ‘o’o, all instrumental music is played with instruments made of bamboo.

The most gifted musicians, the true mane ni ‘au ("men of music") continue even today to compose new mani ‘au ("pieces of music") does bitcoin mining work. Instrumental music is "programme" music (in the broadest sense, or in the narrower sense, one could call it "descriptive" music) dollar bitcoin exchange rate. Each piece, composed according to strict rules, carries a title which is a general résumé of the "programme." Bird calls, frog croaks, buzzing of insects and the cries of other animals, the patter of rain drops on a leaf, the murmur of a river or the roaring of the ocean, the crackle of branches in the wind; all the sounds of nature can furnish the theme for a composition bitcoin price 2008. Man-made sounds can as well: children crying, the groaning of the sick or wounded, the snoring of sleepers, words, work noises, etc ethereum bitcoin exchange. Certain compositions are inspired by melodies coming from songs or from other types of instrumental ensembles how to buy bitcoin stock. Certain pieces translate a visual theme such as the swaying of a spider or the come and go of people." (Description by Hugo Zemp, taken from the liner notes to Volume 3 in this same series.)

"Emergency was a short-lived jazz group centered in Paris in the early 1970s fronted by vanguard sax great Glenn Spearman bitcoin casino games. The band’s one recording, a live set, was issued on the Parisian America Records label, and is one of those rare gems that not only marks its time and place in the history of the music perfectly, but also transcends it. Certainly this quintet, comprised of two Americans, two Japanese, and a Frenchman, was truly an international ensemble. Spearman and bassist Bob Reid were accompanied by pianist Takashi Kako, electric guitarist Boulou Ferré and drummer Sabu Toyozumi." (Description by Thom Jurek, at )

"A dedicated artist, possessor of an enviable voice with unbelievable hip movements, has been a winner in every sense of the word what to buy with bitcoin. His peculiar style and interpretation of song has carried him to travel through the Continents of America, Europe and Africa. Johnny, next to his Orchestra, has been presented in the best dance arenas of our planet, among them are: The Carnegie Foyer, Madison Square Garden, Studio 54 NY, Hollywood Palladium of California, Astro Village of Houston, The Dinner Key Auditorium, Flager Dog Track and Fountaine Blue in Miami. Johnny has also been presented in La Quinta Vergara of the Famous Festival Viñas del Mar en Chile, The Auditorio Nacional of México, Le Petit Fleur of Zaire, The Cubanito Night Club of Switzerland, Teatro Nacional of Santo Domingo and many more where his music has been a awarded with fervent applause." ( Description from a bio posted at

"During his lifetime, Joe Gibbs produced some of the finest recordings to see issue in Jamaica. His role in the development of Reggae during the sixties and seventies was immense and his passing yet another terrible loss to an industry that in recent years has seen some of its most influential and inspiring figures." ( Description from an obit posted at Trojan Records.)