Lifelong friends launch sports app that’s set to change the game news moneda bitcoin

Luke Geiger rebranded the company as Metric Labs Inc. in January when his brother became less involved with the business and his childhood friends and current Dearborn residents James Lapinski and Zachery Lefebvre joined the team.

“As a player, I’ve seen guys on my team, and they may not be scoring 25 points a game, but whenever they’re on the floor good stuff happens,” Luke Geiger said. “I wanted to have some sort of way to make that stat calculable or to be able to tell a coach, ‘This guy should be on the floor and here’s why,’ with pure number facts.”

HoopMetrics makes those “pure number facts” available to anybody bitcoin mining chip. The app allows users to input information for multiple teams and players then follow live game action to record and average stats automatically.

The data can then be exported or viewed for a single game, a single player or even an entire season.

Lefebvre, who supports marketing, customer service and business development for Metric Labs, served as captain of his varsity soccer team at Cabrini High School in Allen Park and believes that an app like HoopMetrics could have made him a more effective team leader.

“It would have been really helpful and relevant for me to see some more in-depth stats to help manage a team,” Lefebvre said. “There’s a ton of stuff that goes on in a game that isn’t being tracked and our app helps to do that.”

One element that sets HoopMetrics apart from its competition on the app store, according to Luke Geiger, is the lineup suggestions feature bitcoin mining app. HoopMetrics can track stats for an entire lineup of players and make rotation recommendations based on statistics.

“Just being friends, we had known about the project he was working on and it started slow,” Lefebvre said. “Maybe here and there, we would help out with some little projects how profitable is bitcoin mining. Then it just started snowballing and we started getting official with it.”

“A lot of times when you work for a company, it can be really hard to give direct feedback to somebody,” Luke Geiger said. “We kind of jump over that hurdle right away just because we’re so comfortable with each other.”

Luke Geiger, who lives in New York City, works as a software engineer for Uber bitcoin use. Lapinski is a software engineer for Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn and Lefebvre is a business service representative at Michigan Works! Southgate Service Center.

“We’re all friends, so it’s very easy to talk between one another and we all understand that we have lives outside of this so it helps that we can work around each other’s schedules to work on the app,” Lapinski said.

The team purposely launched the app during a slow period in the year for basketball teams so that they can perfect the product before marketing it to teams, both locally and across the country.

“We’re really focusing on the people who already use our app so that we can make it as good as it can be and work out any bugs to get it fully ready for the season coming up,” Lefebvre said. “We’re definitely putting out some feelers to local schools how to transfer money to bitcoin. We think it’s important to get some home roots going in our area and building out from there.”