Library director search continues, upcoming projects deliberated – make bitcoin great again hat

After the C.H buy bitcoins with amazon gift card. Booth Library’s most recent director, Karen Tatarka, left in July of this year to return to her role as director of the Weston Public Library, Newtown has been faced again with the task of searching for a new library director.

However, with the library’s longtime assistant director Beryl Harrison serving as interim director until the job of director is permanently filled, projects at the library will not be put on pause.

The C.H exchange rate for bitcoin. Booth Library Board of Trustees President Bob Geckle and Ms Harrison sat down with The Newtown Bee on October 18 to let the community know how the search for a new director is going, and of the many ideas for updates throughout the library.

Since Ms Tatarka’s resignation earlier this year, the library has put a new search committee in place that comprises two members of the library’s staff, two members of the community, and four Board of Trustees members.

He estimates that the library has received roughly 15 applicants looking to secure the position of director, some of whom had applied for the position from when it was previously available just last year.

To the question of whether Ms Harrison would consider the position of director, a spot she has assumed as interim many times throughout her career with the library, she laughed, saying that many people have being inquiring about that.

The plan included a new mission statement for the library, which says it looks to be a place to “promote the joy of lifelong learning, stimulate curiosity, support the exchange of ideas, and provide a welcoming gathering place for our community.”

Ms Harrison explained, “The goals and objectives are to satisfy curiosity, provide a comfortable place, inspire young readers, express creativity, foster successful enterprises, and partner with the community.”

To accomplish those tasks, Mr Geckle said, “We identified three major issues of the library: one was space and how we currently utilize space; two was marketing of the library itself; and third was make sure the organization was in line with the strategic initiatives.”

From a marketing standpoint, the library has already developed a whole new look, creating a logo that now appears on the library’s bookmarks, business cards, flyers, chbMAKERS’ Corner mural, website, and other promotional aspects bitcoin hard fork explained. The unifying logo depicts a rooster with a heart as its wattle, and has a different colored background depending on the department it is referencing.

Now 20 years later, the library is looking to create a number of renovations to make sure it is utilizing the building to the fullest extent relative to the needs of the library in an ever-changing environment.

Already the library has accomplished some smaller tasks such as painting the stairwell a new cream color, installing new water fountains, and having the chbMAKERS’ Corner renovated, the latter of which will have its grand opening on Saturday, November 18, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Work has begun on moving the Genealogy Room from near the front entrance to a room upstairs on the top floor how to convert bitcoins into cash. Mr Geckle said the move will allow the library to convert the former space into a community room for a more social gathering area.

To address the issues with the library’s back entrance, the library is considering improving the lighting, having more directional signage to guide patrons, and to overall have it be a more welcoming environment.

Mr Geckle said there is also the possibility of opening the staircase wall and changing the stairs to face the back-entrance door, which he says could create a clearer direction of where people can go to access the other floors in the library.

Meanwhile, some of the smaller improvements on the second floor of the library include looking for a better way to display the wide selection of DVDs and finding a more prominent display for the new books.

In the Children’s Department, located on the first floor, Children’s Librarian Alana Bennison said, “One thing I think we need to focus on is more comfortable seating for people, and places where they can sit down, relax, and read.”

Ms Harrison says the library is looking into creating cozy spaces in the Children’s Department by possibly putting cushions on the top of the shorter shelving so that the furniture can still be utilized for that function, as well as serve as seating for adults.

Other updates under consideration include extending the Meeting Room’s kitchen to offer cooking classes in the future, shortening the main circulation desk and in turn having more self-service kiosks, and possibly expanding the coffee area on the second floor into a full café.

Mr Geckle said some projects are easier to do than others and added, “We have the CIP [Capital Improvement Plan] going on at the town level, and this is a town-owned building… we have a mix of what I call maintenance capital, making sure the roof doesn’t leak, as well as some proposed funding in there to do some of these planning initiatives.

Those looking to support the C.H how to do bitcoin mining. Booth Library, can consider participating in the Pave the Way Project earn bitcoins for free. The library is looking to reach its goal of 800 engraved bricks and place them on its new patio.